Blockchain + AI + Human = Magic

Blockchain in Action

May 11th 2018 @

in theBartos Theatre

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Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence:
Tech Trends Poised To Transform Business and Culture?

Nascent Blockchain applications and AI research have demonstrated the transformative potential of both technologies. Their integration with the physical world will transform sectors such as logistics chains, asset management, data systems, investment, and securitization via cheap, trustworthy, and user-friendly Blockchain algorithms. These new capabilities will drive radical shifts in business and culture on a global scale, offering opportunities for better management, inclusion, transparency and accountability.

Discussions have been synthesized (under Chatham House rules) into an MIT publication and distributed to thought leaders at Davos and elsewhere. The discussion will also lead to a collection of visionary papers authored by speakers, to be published by MIT Press in our Connection Science Imprint series.

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